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Tannhäuser Gate provides services to create the tools to unfold the decentralized future

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Tannhäuser Gate was born to provide cutting-edge services in a new era of decentralized web software protocols. We strive to create a better internet. An internet where users control their own data, identity and privacy. It is a big deal. It relates to humanity going from a centralized-governed protocol to a technology driven civilization.

The fundamentals of this movement rely on three basic principles: ownership of data (users own it, not corporations), secure global digital transactions (now possible by the blockchain) and the decentralization of the exchange of information. Our team of technology enthusiasts believe in the power of this new era to make a huge impact within our society.

Recent Projects

Our latest works


The next
metaverse real estate
software management

voxelsplus is a metaverse real estate service to track parcel analytics on Cryptovoxels, allowing brokers and landlords to manage their properties, track activity, and purchase parcels with objective analytics. The tool makes it easy to walk through current listings, displaying curated statistics to make comprehensive and strategic market decisions.


Ast Museum

The Tannhäuser Generative Art Museum is a project focused on spreading the word about generative art. Located in Miami (Cryptovoxels) it showcases the work of renowned artists distributed in four temporary exhibitions a year: Winter, Spring, Summer & Autumn, with three exhibition areas and a rooftop for events. The TGAM is a non-profit organization made for the love of art by Tannhäuser Gate founders.


your parcel
in the metaverse

voxels.rent is a rent marketplace for parcels in Cryptovoxels. It allows owners to monetize their parcels in a few clicks. Parcels can be rented for small (1 hour) or large (months) periods of time. This is possible thanks to web3 technology that enables secure transactions between all parties involved.


Abstract art
gallery in
the metaverse

XPLOIT is a digital artist creating wavy, colourful and on-chain generative abstract art. Tannhäuser Gate designed and built XPLOIT’s gallery in Vibes island (Cryptovoxels). The gallery showcases the work of the artist and the content can be easily managed with Prado, our online service to manage media content in Cryptovoxel parcels.


in Center

The Tannhäuser Exhibition Center (TEC) is a multi-purpose venue in the metaverse (Cryptovoxels) that has several facilities to conduct events on a large scale. It offers flexible spaces to host corporate events and expand a brands footprint into the metaverse."